About Us

As a result of our extensive experience in the Retail IT Industry along with our understanding of the entire Retail functional and technical knowledge, we were able to develop a user-friendly web-based Retail Management System and Point-of-Sale (Billing Module) software that can be used online (SAAS) and on-premise as well. Our software provides a comprehensive view of current and historical data, helping retailers make informed decisions quickly and accurately. It also offers scalability and flexibility, allowing retailers to easily add new features, increase capacity, and integrate with other systems.

Our mission is to provide the best software solutions and services to our clients.

ST POS will be available in these regions: UAE, Gulf Region, African Region, India, Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei.

Software packages are versioned according to TAX/VAT/GST & Currency setup in each country


Point of Sale

Multi-store module

Multi pricing

Multilingual with Arabic

Handling Retail & WholeSales Prices in a Single Point of sale Screen

Inventory Management with simple Expiry tracking

Fully Web Based Software with Online & Offline Mode

Goods Receiving & Physical Inventory  through Mobile device

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